Southern Company began building the future of energy more than 100 years ago with construction of hydroelectric dams in Alabama and Georgia. Now, we are America's premier energy company serving 9 million customers across the country.

Through our commitment to innovation and a net-zero carbon emissions future, we are leaders in providing clean and resilient energy solutions that will sustain future generations. We develop and deploy the full portfolio of diverse energy resources - hydro, natural gas, solar, nuclear, wind and distributed generation like microgrids.

Building the future of energy is about more than providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy. It's also about making sure customers and communities have the energy they need and deserve, no matter what.




Partnering with you before, during and after the storm

For more than 20 years, Southern Company subsidiary PowerSecure has led the industry in reliable and resilient distributed energy solutions its customers can count on - no matter what. In fact, *85% of microgrids in the country have been installed by PowerSecure. For critical businesses like healthcare, data centers and large retailers, PowerSecure provides additional peace of mind through advanced microgrid and monitoring technology. These solutions provide clean, reliable and economical power always-on businesses can depend on - no matter what form the storm may take.

*According to the Greentech Media U.S. Microgrids 2017 Market Drivers, Analysis and Forecast Report



Serving our customers and communities

For more than 100 years, we've been providing the energy solutions our customers and communities count on. As our world and the needs of our customers change, we must be ready to face any situation that comes our way - like storms and even a pandemic. By having a diverse energy mix, robust infrastructure that can handle increased demand while also protecting our grid from cyber- threats, and distributed generation, we are able to deliver reliable and resilient service to our residential, commercial, industrial and mission-critical customers now and in the future.



Resilient solutions fueled by innovation

The energy sector is rapidly evolving, driven by customer preferences, technology advancements and environmental factors - and we're evolving with it. By growing our investment in renewable energy, maintaining a diversified energy portfolio, building smarter energy infrastructure and continuing robust research and development (R&D) initiatives like direct air capture of carbon and energy storage, we remain at the forefront of innovation for energy production, delivery and end-use. Ensuring we continue providing clean, safe, reliable, affordable and resilient energy solutions to our customers and communities is what fuels our commitment to innovation.

Southern Company receives the 92nd Annual EEI Edison Award for industry-leading initiatives in the research, development and deployment of emerging energy storage technologies.



The future of energy is net-zero

Southern Company was one of the first U.S. utilities to set a bold goal to reduce carbon emissions. This year, we've updated our goal to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This stance is an example of how we continue our industry-leading commitment to preserving the environment. Our path to a net-zero future is comprised of several key elements: diversified portfolio, growth of zero-carbon resources, enhanced energy efficiency and continued investment in clean energy technologies. Since 2007, we have reduced emissions by 44% and now expect to achieve our intermediate 50% reduction goal well in advance of 2030, and possibly as early as 2025.



Building a better future together

Every day is an opportunity for us to build stronger communities. While it's essential we deliver the energy our communities count on, it's equally important we help enhance the quality of life for all we serve. We do this by developing programs and partnering with others across the community ecosystem - arts and culture, health and human services, community and economic development, safety, education and the environment. Our family of brands collectively gave $67.7 million and completed 229,000 hours of service in 2019. For us, building a brighter future means putting the needs of our customers at the center of everything we do.