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What is a podcast?

Podcasts are simple. Think of them like on-demand television but for your ears only. You find something you want to listen to, you subscribe, and then you’ll receive a new episode automatically when they’re available. Types of podcasts range from discussions on a wide-variety of topics, from interviews to politics to life advice and self-help. If you can think of a topic, someone has a podcast about it. Podcasts are widely available on your smartphone with their own dedicated apps that make listening to and searching for new podcasts simple and easy.

What is the SOPOD Network?

Established in 2018, Southern Company’s SOPOD Network is a podcast dedicated to its employees and stakeholders. With content that updates monthly, the podcasts reaches over 28,000 Southern Company employees. The SOPOD Network, Southern Company presents diverse stories from the company CEO and colleagues from around the system with topics that range from history, current major projects and employee spotlights. Each series of the SOPOD Network tells a different story, we hope you finish feeling a deeper connection to Southern Company and our values.

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