Building the future of energy

Good Energy

Good Energy is a positive outlook on life and the future. At Southern Company, it is manifested in a confidence that the energy needs of those we serve will be met with expertise and dedication.

We carry Good Energy with us every day in our people, our priorities and our purpose. It defines our culture and informs everything we do.

Good Energy speaks to being bigger than our bottom line, giving back to our communities, developing the leaders of tomorrow, and by working hard to achieve our goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

And Good Energy doesn't wait for the future-it shapes the future - with new ideas and technologies and an unfaltering commitment to make things better-all while building value for customers and investors.


Delivering today, preparing for tomorrow

Every day, we're putting our vision of a resilient energy future in motion. By making smart investments today, including carbon-free nuclear, we're preparing to meet our customers' needs tomorrow.

Southern Company is building the first new nuclear units in the United States in more than three decades, Plant Vogtle units 3 &4 in Georgia. Plant Vogtle represents one of the largest and most important infrastructure investment projects underway in the country, the units will help increase our nation's energy independence and national security.

Once complete, the site will be the single largest generator of carbon-free energy in the U.S., powering 1 million homes and businesses across the state.

" We're making history as we approach bringing online the first new nuclear units to be built in the country in over 30 years. These units are important to building the future of energy and will serve as clean, emission-free sources of energy for Georgians for the next 60 to 80 years."

-Chris Womack, president Southern Company

Our vision in motion is a resilient energy future

Net Zero

Building a cleaner, brighter energy future

We remain focused on delivering resilient, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy as we transition to a net-zero future. Our growing portfolio of zero carbon resources plays an integral role in helping us meet these objectives as well as our net zero by 2050 goal. In 2022, 30% of our generating capacity was from clean energy sources.

We know that building a successful and sustainable future means delivering the same exceptional service our customers expect today, while transforming to meet tomorrow's new energy economy. We are committed to a just transition for our customers, communities and employees as we advance toward a net zero future by 2050.

Our vision in motion is a net zero future

Smart Solutions

Succeeding through innovation

Our nearly 27,000 employees work around-the-clock to deliver innovative energy solutions to keep our customers and communities prepared for what's next.

Our world-class research and development (R&D) organization partners with business, government and research institutes to make our progressive energy solutions a reality, we are:

  • Advancing next-generation nuclear technology
  • Deploying energy storage resources
  • Developing carbon capture technologies for future commercial application
  • Delivering distributed generation assets

We're on a mission to solve the energy challenges of tomorrow, today.

Our vision in motion is a smart energy future

Our Community

Cultivating change and opportunity

We believe every day is an opportunity to better the lives of those we serve. We build stronger communities by investing in programs and partnerships in the areas of energy assistance and justice, education, the arts and culture, health and human services, supplier inclusion and economic development. Our commitment to advancing equity and social justice is at the core of what we do and why we serve.

Together, we are propelling toward a brighter future our customers, communities and future generations.

Our vision in motion is an equitable future