Boldly Forward is Southern Company’s sector dedicated to reporting all of the ways the company is expanding DE&I. We acknowledge that commitment means not just words but actions, that inclusion values all individuals and differences, and that we can improve diversity in our workforce.


Our Moving to Equity report is intended to keep our employees, customers, partners and stakeholders updated on our ongoing journey towards equity. Download our latest report to read more about our talent profiles and key achievements.

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Southern Company’s commitment to DE&I is centered on real people and their experiences, it’s at the core of what we do and why we serve. Whether a long tenured employee, new hire, community member, or board member, connecting the humanity in our differences is paramount in our move to equity and how we build the future of energy.​

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Our promise to our employees and their lived experiences are at the core of our efforts in creating a more equitable and inclusive workforce. See how we are celebrating their diversity, expanding outreach, developing talent, and increasing advancement opportunities.

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Our move to equity begins with uplifting communities through education. We are determined to provide opportunities through direct community support, scholarships for underserved groups, advancing HBCUs, and with our founding partnership in the Propel Center. Learn how we are investing in our nation’s tomorrow, today.

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Across Southern Company, we are fully committed to change. We are leveraging our political influence to advocate for those who have historically been left out of the conversation by supporting bipartisan policies and legislation reform. Discover how we are proactively engaging with policy makers and impacting regulatory decisions that hold true to our community values and serve our communities.

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Change Together

Listening, learning, understanding and dialogue is how we change together. In this section you will find resources that can help ensure equality and equity for everyone.