Fleet Sustainability

Driving electric to drive value

Moving people and goods with electricity represents a substantial value proposition for our customers, community, and environment. From setting our own internal fleet goals to working with businesses on fleet solutions, we are committed to building a better future through fleet sustainability.

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A winning proposition


Customers benefit from access to clean, renewable electricity and lower total cost of operation.


Utilities get more usage out of existing assets by investing in new infrastructure.

Infrastructure Support

The additional infrastructure support combined with affordable electricity rates help businesses increase efficiency and reduce their costs and environmental impact.


Communities benefit when businesses, utilities, and customers work together to achieve their sustainability goals.

Fleet Vision

Combining renewable energy with fleet electrification expands the benefits for commercial customers.

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Our Beliefs

Electrification is a leading pathway to achieve a carbon-neutral future for our customers and our communities.

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Working with us

We’re ensuring a smooth ride for our partners as we pursue the future of electricity and sustainability together.

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