Good Energy like Never Before

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Good energy like never before

At Southern Company, we are proud to deliver the first-ever net zero TOUR Championship. Driving sustainability on course aligns with our company goal off the course - achieving net zero emissions across our electric and gas businesses by 2050.

Turning our vision of a net-zero energy TOUR Championship into a reality

Driving sustainability on course

Renewable fuels: Working with Southern Company subsidiary PowerSecure, we swapped traditional diesel with renewable fuels for all onsite generation during the tournament to power the golf course with cleaner energy.

Renewable energy credits (RECs): In collaboration with Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power, we offset traditional energy usage and reduced the carbon footprint while supporting renewable energy during the tournament.

Renewable natural gas (RNG): Through Southern Company Gas, we offset the emissions from the clubhouse’s natural gas appliances by integrating environmental credits from carbon neutral RNG captured from landfills.

Green like you've never seen

Solar cell phone and EV charging stations: We are leveraging plentiful renewable energy and the benefits they offer players and fans with less impact to the environment.

Electric golf carts: Producing zero emissions, electric golf carts are easier to maintain than gas-powered golf carts. They are driven by good energy.

Good Energy Pavilion: Within the Southern Company fan experience on course, we are using recyclable and reusable materials including wood, fabric and mesh products for less waste.